What a great interview!  I thought I might cry on the day of the inauguration, but I did not.  I was moved, and it was a magnificent moment, but it did not bring me to tears.  However, almost every day since, I've been nearly on the verge of crying, and driven to chills every time I hear this man speak.  I thought his inauguration speech was exceptional, and portend to a serious man who will not tolerate the partisan cheering squad of the coming States of the Union.  With every speech, policy move, and appointment (generally) he has been impressively consistent in doing and saying what I would like for the POTUS to be saying.  It is such a strange and alien feeling, after ten plus years of hapless haberdashery.  Here we are, and we'll see where we go from here. 

What Obama has attempted to do so far, to varying degrees of success, is to reestablish confidence in our government, both here and abroad.  His actions have been sweeping.  Though not perfect, they are impressive.  His interview here with Al Arabiya is powerful and insightful to how he will move forward in foreign relations.  His rhetoric is essentially unflawed and incisive, and neutralizes the fanatical opposition in a way that is effective from a propaganda standpoint.   Whether it will succeed militarily remains to be seen, but I feel that it will be.  

Obama speaks with authority because his depth of insight demands it.  If you, as so many others already have, find yourself slipping back into a vindictive partisan squabble, please, just stop and read or re-read everything that this man has said since becoming President.  His engagement with the global community could itself, in many ways, become the propellant rocketing the United States to exponential success in the 21st Century.  

Again, we'll see.  

But i just keep shaking my head, in utter disbelief, every time he opens his mouth, that he is our President of the United States.  This man is speaking my language, and he's in charge!

In conversation today, it was mentioned how slow the past few weeks have seemed to have gone.  My response was that after all, last week we tortured people.  Now, I also was required to note the loophole Obama purposefully left in the law, just in case he gets the urge to torture some people.