Live blogging the inauguration...

CNN's coverage is too race centric. Switch to C-Span!
Did Harry Reid just come in twice??
Getting chills to say the least!
Now, kids, it's not a rock concert. Let the man do his thing.
Is Feinstein really making this political? OK maybe not. Good!
Dr. Rick Warren..... We'll see where this goes.....will he say Jesus???
rhyming! all over the place. good job!
freedom and justice for all....(except gay people.)
did he just sass Malia and Sasha??
there it is, at least done tastefully enough.
the "our father" is an interesting choice, but fair i suppose.

Aretha! What a gorgeous bird upon your head.
Let freedom ring indeed. Ring Ring Ring Ring Ring Ring!

12pm: Though the lovely music of John Williams and his star studded amalgam of players continues, and is breathtaking, as of now, Barach Hussein Obama is OFFICIALLY, by Constitution, President of the United States of America! Congratulations, sir. I look forward to your swearing in and your inauguration speech. Hot damn this is some good music!

They're really rocking out up there!

PAGING DORIS KEARNS GOODWIN: Was that, in fact, the worst swearing in, EVER? What happened there?? I think it was Roberts' fault, but, really Barack, come on!

Here's hoping the speech is better!
Is that Roland Burris back there behind Obama?

Great, sober speech. Just what we need to hear. I can't wait to hear a State of the Union where the President doesn't allow for all that partisan clapping mumbo jumbo that always gums up the works.