Got what I came for: glassware!

Stood @ the bar for like a half hour and never got a drink.  It was so busy.  Absurdly.  Good times for the dancing/party crew, though a lack of swiftness in drink service was frustrating many, as they screamed at the bartenders and stood aghast as they were "ignored" by any of the five bartenders trying to serve drinks to a cycling swarm of 300 or so people surrounding this particular gigantic bar.  The bartenders were doing a good job, all things considered, but it did suck to not be able to get a drink while standing right at the bar for 30+ minutes.  

Mr. Cormier was there, kicking his groove, and the beats were laid down by "DJ Bis" as you are no doubt already aware.  I saw some other people I know, from across the rooms, but for the most part had zero chance of talking to anybody because it was just absolutely packed.  

I enjoy a good bout of the ole "people watching" so I could have stood at the bar all night just lookin, drink or no drink.  But Betty wasn't having any of it, so after 45 or so minutes of drinkless "packed like sardines in a crushed tin box"-edness we decided to make our way to our secondary destination.  Before walking away from the bar, you know I grabbed the two dirty glasses pictured above to add to my collection.  Having completed my mission, I was happy to move on, though before leaving I also grabbed a sweet (what I thought was free) Spark/Newark Co-op shopping bag.  The prizes inside indicate that it might not just have been there for the taking, but whoops!  It was sitting there on the coat check table, there were a number of them, and they were also giving away CD's (which to my shagrin [maybe], I did not get ahold of), so I figured I'd use it as a place to hold my newly acquired glassware.  While most of the contents of the bag were promotional info from sponsors, there was a sweet "prize" that made Betty's night, and all were happy.