Last year, over the course of two months, we (the jambox) played with two separate, but equally awesome bands from the great country of Japan. First, we played with "Fantasy's Core" @ Rex's in West Chester.  They were fun, fun, fun.

Peelander-Z played @ Mojo 13 a couple of weeks later, as I remember it, and the Jambox was there to rock the scene as well.  We did our thing, this time with the likes of Tragic Johnson and others, no doubt.  

I came across these photos of the Peelander-Z show on Kettie's myspace page, and I am totally stealing them and putting them here.  Note "yours truly" rockin the git-box, having been pulled up on stage with a couple of other unwitting crowd participants. 

Thanks, Kettie!

Headies/bd....700 Club

Stole these from Kettie as well.


Someone should prepare these little kids to be very disappointed, even if Obama does win.

I think McCain needs to commission "Young @ Heart" to do some songs for him. Perhaps this Talking Heads number will suffice:
Actually, the embed code is disabled for the Heads song, so you'll have to enjoy this montage. Click here to see Young @ Heart doing "Road to Nowhere"

In search of a new blog layout template.  

Any suggestions?

Nothing to lose but a lot to gain

So I was listening to the "Marketing Edge" Podcast about a month or so ago, and they had a contest going to win this book entitled The Numerati by Stephen Baker.  So I emailed the show and sure enough, I won the book!  It is to arrive on Friday, I believe.  

The book is all about the loss of privacy and the data mining of everything you do through the electronic trail you leave, ie: credit cards, internet, shopping cards, RFID, cell phones, GPS, et al.

Look at him!  No wonder we voted in W. (sort of).



Finally got a chance to watch this. Bad, just bad.

Super adorable when @ 58 seconds left he bangs his head on the sink.

The first two minutes of this video are pure context, and pretty unnecessary. Start it @ 2:20 for optimum enjoyment. "Yeah baby, what's up??" Also of INCREDIBLE enjoyment is when the first POLICE Officer arrives on the scene, and PROMPTY starts to rough up and shake the WRONG GUY. Also enjoyable is when the guy goes over the chairs @ 2:50. My favorite part is when the Phillies get double play or something, and the whole crowd cheers and turns to look, including the security guards and fighters.

Also good


did i mention?

We went to the game on Sunday, post-Division clinching Saturday action.  When tickets were purchased, who knew what would happen??  As it stood, we had a nice afternoon, enjoying "the best minor league game I've been too" as I said to the MAIN MAN.
We did get to see some "pinch hit" action from Jason Werth & Ryan Howard, and a great game anyway.  

We got a bum deal from the birds tonight though, eh?  Even before they fell apart on the goal line, it was apparent that they were unable to score a touchdown.  It just wasn't happening for them, at least not consistently enough, whatsoever.  

They should have scored like 42 points in that game, what with all of the turnovers.  The loss of Buckhalter for that bit of time, and the effects of the injuries on McNabb & Buck (not to mention Westbrook) are positive points, considering they should be back and healthy soon and diggin up points!

It does beg the point that perhaps they should do for their backfield position, in the next draft, what they did two years ago for their quarterback position.  Wouldn't it be great if when Buck 
went down we had some huge young kid looking to break some yards and make a name for himself?  I like our picks this year...sorta, but next year we better lock someone up who can knock em dead off the line. 

I think things look good for the Birds still, overall.  They gotta get healthy, and they gotta start winning games.  But the offense has got to get sharp!  Andy Reid has got to stop blaming himself at Press Conferences.  He should have said "the line should have beaten them at least once out of the four downs, and the fact that they could not is unacceptable.  I take the blame for not giving Donovan the chance to win the game, but our line needs to perform."

or something like that.  Both losses are "away games" and they beat pittsburgh in pitt.  The next few games will be key, obviously.  

But we get to enjoy some QUALITY Playoff baseball well before we have to concern ourselves with the Eagles again.

Phils: Cole Hamels!  Wednesday!  TBS
Eagles: Home Game v. 'skins.  1pm FOX

See you there.


Word of the day

Nasa Image of the Day from a coupla days back

Bud Light Pumpkin

I keep seeing these commercials on the television imploring me NOT to think of Bud Light Lime as a "summer only" beer, despite the fact that a.) it IS, and b.) they spent all summer telling me how it was THE perfect beer for summer. I have not had the stuff, myself, but I can't see enjoying one unless I just finished mowing the lawn on a hot day. Of course, the purist in me would insist upon a Corona w/an actual slice of lime, or, I dunno, WATER....

But I did in fact enjoy the Miller Chill beer offered last summer (and, still, now, though less advertised than its competitor) with its it's Lime and Salt action. I was quickly told I was "crazy" by less discerning idiots who couldn't even fashion to think themselves as greater brew connoisseurs than myself. I didn't LOVE it or anything, but I thought it was OK,a nd a good attempt at kicking up dust around the market cornered by Corona. The incessant Bud Light Lime commercials just show how right I musta been.

ALL of that being sad...
I am happy to announce the OFFICIAL start of the Autumn season, just a few days late of the rest of you. Tonight, having come in from the rain, I had my first seasonal sip of the Dogfish Head PUNKIN ALE. The season hit me like a ton o' bricks, much like it would have a couple of days ago @ Brew Ha Ha, had I taken them up on their sign's offer that "CIDER is HERE!" I deferred, and was hit thusly this evening.

Great beer, and here's to wonderful Autumn season!

HOMEGROWN Friday Night

The Homegrown Cafe has ME listed as playing there Friday 9/26.  So I'm gonna be there, and YOU should be too.  See you then.  Music @ like 10:30 or so.  


Wolverine plate

The well documented "pavlovian response" in dogs may be key to understanding their evolution from wolves.  

That is, back in supra-olden times, perhaps early humans (~10,000 BCE) utilized some sort of "dinner bell" like type thing, or even just yelled out when it was time to eat.  In either case, the wolf who is primed to respond Pavlovially has a different response and a different evolutionary advantage than one who waits to collect the garbage at the end of the night.  

These Pavlovian beasts interact with the humans, because they know when the food is coming.

Furthermore, they KNOW!  This "gnosis" has got to have an effect on the evolution of the puppy brain.  Any expansion of knowledge within a species is a sign it is ready to evolve. Mosquitos know they love blood, but they do not know much else.  Ducks know the first living creature they see is there mother, bears know how to open jars of honey, etc.  (This leads to thought of a whole other experiment, where you aim to determine the boundary where ducks will imprint... will they imprint upon a docile bear? What about a monkey, or a dog?  A turtle?  A tarantula?)

But anyway, in each case the more "sophisticated" the creature, the more knowledge they possess, even if it is locked in their autonomous sub-conscience.  

This new knowledge of when and where food was available (where the wolf hears just cries or whistles as white noise, the wolf primed-to-evolve-into-dog hears something, they KNOW.  This gives them further context of their space and their time, and helps facilitate the evolution of their brains.  

I googled "pavlovian response dogs" and got 324,000 hits.

I replaced "dogs" with "wolves," and nothing on the first few pages specifically addressed my inquiry, whatsoever.

Go forth and solve!

"We didn't start the fire"

Speaking with someone today who has a fair deal of credibility in the matter, he made two points of interest about the current economic crisis.

First, he claims that the $700 Billion is a low estimate, and a more accurate estimated cost is $5trillion!

Second, he predicted that unemployment in the US would hit 20% in the next two years.

Those are some crazy numbers, and I hope he is wrong, on both fronts.

I made the point that the rush to the $700B bailout is reminiscent of last month's RUSH to authorize ocean drilling. That is, the mentality seems to be that "we must, simply must, fulfill as much of our radical agenda as possible before the reigns slip from our grips."

Someone made the point that the NeoCons are just fulfilling their long stated mission of bankrupting the government to cyclically justify "smaller government." Honestly, I am continuously shocked, these days, as to where I hear such conjecture. It is not the punk rock ravings and ragings of myself and my peer group, as it has been at times over the past eight years. This stuff is consistently coming from late middle aged adults, business men and doctors. I am usually somewhat shocked into silence, both when I agree and disagree.

I know it must be bad, because one of the most staunch conservative gentlemen that I know, one of the "bitter enders," as it were, spoke deridingly about looking forward to hearing what Bush had to say this evening. I think he even used the words "clueless."

I mentioned how I had seen Bush on the Daily Show last night, and he seemed as confused and out of his element as I have ever seen him. I said "he looked like it was 1999."

And what is this act of John McCain's? No debate this week? Are you crazy! I hope this cynical bullshit backfires in his face, and I also hope that the country excercises restraint in tackling this issue in the short term. I find it hard to believe, having followed this issue for a while now, that we have less than two weeks to act, and we have to do so without any oversight or judicial rights, or financial armageddon will be upon us.

Bush, in his big speech, talked about how people have been worrrying about their financial outlook over the "past couple of weeks." This just highlights his ineffective ignorance. People have been facing these issues for months or more, and the warning signs were well imminent before that.

Finally read the infamous George Will article from a couple of days ago. Worth the read.


An Intimate Evening w/Butch Zito & Sarah Flynn

Friday Night @ Pastabilities:::