This is pretty funny. And as message content goes...
I support the public option!

However, the two questionable points seem to be that a.) most kids should be covered now, via CHIP, right? Also, I don't know how solid that 80% support claim is. I know the # is high, but 80%??? 80% solidly, verifiably support the public option? I've heard this claim before, and I know where it comes from (one survey, I believe) but if that # is accurate, and we still can't get something done, well that just shows how frighteningly effective 20% of a population can be when armed with their own indignant, self-righteous obnoxiousness and hundreds upon hundreds of millions of dollars in lobbying and advertising dollars.

Its an interesting thing to observe, as it seems like the public option, should it be offered, would be b-b-bad for the insurance industry (not necessarily the medical industry though) while health care reform that lacks a public option would lead to a boon for the insurance agencies unlike anything we have ever seen, even.