dear ants,

you really are spectacular creatures

with a fascinating society

and i am sorry to have to kill you (en masse).

with flies, mosquitos

it's different

it is war

perhaps, under different circumstances

we could be friends, you and i, even.

but your very ordered appearance

indicates a disorder on my part which is unacceptable

and can not stand.

yet just now, one of your brethren made its appearance on my arm known

tickling my skin

and snatching him up between my pinched fingers

i took his life.

he is on the edge of my thumb dead, essentially

and the occasional twitches of his legs have long ceased

giving me hope of a potential recovery

i did not wish to kill you friend.

i have gladly sprayed legions of ants

as they trudged along doorways, sinks, and elsewhere over the years, each fulfilling their integral, menial tasks

in rank sharp enough as to make Patton prowd

the twitching has stopped now (he just twitched again though)

and i feel i ought give my friend a proper funeral

complete with fire and prayer

replete of family, friends aghast and stricken


ashes to dust we must

and burn.