There go the jerks!

Last night’s episode of ABC’s Here Come the Newlyweds saw the departure of one of the show’s ‘heel’ couples, the Cox’s. Aptly named, the Cox’s were OK, I guess. You could just tell, in the long run, team favorites the Huffman’s were not going to mesh well with the Cox’s. The gentleman Cox, whose name escapes me, went so far as to lobby against dear Brendan, despite the Huffman’s having obtained immunity by winning the Hardware shopping competition, and choosing to forgo the $20,000 prize (to maintain immunity). Sure, he was joking, but you just knew they would be trouble moving forward.

The Huffman’s have the added benefit of clearly being one of the smartest couples on the show. This has helped them consistently score in the higher percentiles in competition, and proved quite helpful in last night’s Hardware store victory. But again, when Brendan attempted to elucidate the keys of their success to the group, he was thwarted by the rude Cox gentleman, who basically said as much as “nobody cares, asshole!” Nobody but me treats my Brendan like that!

Last week’s losers, the Oskowskis, were one of my lesser favorites, mainly because the guy just rubbed me the wrong way. It wasn’t his fondness for his musculature that bothered me, but something definitely bothered me about him. That was, until they were kicked off, and we were treated to the customary ‘couple retrospective’ at which point I said to myself, “awww, he’s not so bad…he’s just a bog softie.”

I had no such thoughts or regrets upon the departure of the Cox’s, although I will miss his farts…. But, as the great Jack Nicholson says in The Bucket List “never trust a fart.”