Pearl Jam, grunge band

Pretty good performance, overall. Always tough to a.) get out there and play on a soundstage after an extended hiatus, and b.) do so with a new song.

All things considered, though, I am a.) excited for the new record and b.) digging on the new song, essentially. It is definitely different, and, I would say, super poppy. But I am DOWN, and though I can't say that I love it, quite yet, I can totally see myself rocking out hard to this and the other songs on BACKSPACER, once it comes out in the fall. We shall see.

One interesting facet of the new record for the Pearl Jam is the fact that they have entered into a partnership with TARGET for the new record's release, which is being both lambasted and glorified. I fall somewhere in the middle, but overall I think it is a good, smart move for the band, as this interview with band manager Kelly Curtis illuminates.

Basically, it seems like they will be using target like Prince did, ie, as their exclusive retail partner, with the caveat being that discs can still be purchased through the band directly (www.tenclub.net) as well as digitally, and through mom and pop stores. I assume, however, that you will be unable to get it at Best Buy, Walmart, or Barnes & Noble. Interesting.

Also, the boys looked old last night. Besides McCready (who has looked old since 1999) this is the first time I've thought this about Pearl Jam. They all looked the same, essentially, but I think Vedder's new "goatee" is ill advised, and was the source of this thinking, on my part. It took me awhile to peg that as the source, but really, these days, even in LA, is a goatee ever NOT ill advised?