Michael lived his life an idol, from a very young age, and it really wasn't until today, when they were showing video of him walking into a court room, of all places, did the humanity of the man shine through from behind the coarse, plural veneer.

Revered as a boy-king, the god-monster, clown, perpetrator/victim, Michael embodied the generation he served. Twisted. Boonsome. Cold Warian. Potential, unlimited.

It is more than fitting that Mr. Jackson should find his end in this way. The utter tragedy carries the storyline logically. Weeks away from the 'final' shows, designed to relaunch his career and cancel his debts, Mr. Jackson succombed to a body stretched far, far beyond its natural capacity.

Listen to this (above). Wonderful and haunting.

It will be left to mystery what would have become of the 10 scheduled nights in London. Would it have marked an unlikely comeback, with the master himself dancing and singing himself to the crowds' content? It could just as easily have been an utter, terrible rain wreck. Indications were that the rehearsals, overall, were going well, or at least, well enough.

But he dies, oddly enough, with a sort of integrity, gained from the suddenness of the occurrence, combined with his history of being abused, and the public's subtle acknowledgement that we ALL played a role in his mosterification. Even today, CNN showed live helicopter video footage of Mr. Jackson's wrapped corpse being carried into the morgue.

We nearly forget that Farrah Fawcett also died today. I somehow can't imagine any respectable news agency relishing in the glimpse of her corpse as it made its way to the mortuary. Her lengthy, dignified struggle with cancer ended quietly. Yet, with Michael, it is expected, and almost appropriate (not really) to follow the transport copter and zoom in as the shrouded body is lowered to a gurney and brought inside.

And we NEED to see this, the reality seems so unbelievable.

But Michael did not capture the hearts and rapt attention of so many INSANE people because he was a celebrity, a freak show, or the butt of a good joke. They loved him, adored him, to a fault, with what originated as a love for the music the man made, and the way it made them feel.

The King is dead. Somebody tell Michael Jackson! Poor, poor little Michael Jackson. Long live the king.

Some paragraphs above links to a different Michael Jackson video. Man, that gentleman could DANCE! Sure, he was an alleged pedophile, but let's not forget, he was acquitted in a court of law. A court of law!

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