Do You Believe It?

In a game and a season that was a microcosm of two careers which both began here in Philadelphia, ten years ago, Donovan McNabb and Andy Reid managed to scratch out a win against the Cowboys in Philadelphia.    

Honestly, when the Eagles were unable to muster more than a field goal against the lowly Redskins, I gave up on the season, and considered them out of the running mathmatically, psychologically, and in my heart.  
And yet here we were, early Sunday afternoon, ready to start watching what seemed just hours ago to be impossible (or, at least, highly unlikely): a game with playoff ramifications for the Birds, beyond the opportunity to knock out Dallas in either case.  But the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, and the Chicago Bears managed to shit the bed in outlandish style, and here we stood, at 4:30 PM, on the brink of a playoff berth for the once favorite sons of Philadelphia, football's own Philadelphia Eagles.  

The road to this point has been long and harried for our Birds, rife with betrayal, collapse, disappointment, lack of cohesion, frustration, and embarrassment.  Again, this thread weaves beyond this season all the way to the beginning.  Injuries and infighting have clipped their wings before, and when those things fail, the Eagles have never been afraid to rely on utter failure. 

They have been slaves to themselves, slaves to the clock, consistently.

And yet, Mr. Reid and Mr. McNabb stand out as some of the most successful people to ever fill their particular shoes for the Eagles.  Reid, the winningest coach in Birds history, still manages to boggle the mind with his poor decision making and clock management.  

McNabb, the Eagles QB with the most completions, yards, and touchdowns of any Eagles QB ever, came into this game with a sack full of baggage to go along with his numerous division championships and Super Bowl loss.  Like Reid, McNabb can dazzle and impress beyond expectation, and fall flat on his face the very next game, if not on the very next play.  

The Eagles don't need to do this this season.  The Phillies' incredible run through the post season has this city on a high that we still can't quite get a grip on.  The disappointment that has been the Eagles season thus far has been more tolerable than under any other circumstances, fully due to them Phightin' Phils.  

But the Eagles won tonight!  They whooped up on them Cowboys but GOOD, and who'd have believed it.  I had to cackle, obnoxiously, I'll admit, upon seeing Mr. Romo, face to ground, hands to helmet, crying into his face mask again.

For goodness' sake, it is too good.  It's almost funny.  

But this brings us to where we need to be.  The Birds finished hot, despite their abysmal performance against the 'skins.  Today's game shows a Philadelphia Eagles team which is strong, united, and ready to perform. 

You could easily see this team falling apart again, scoring 5 points against the Vikings and heading home.  But you can just as easily see this team gelling hard, blasting the Vikings (as they should, and will) and heading into Giants' stadium strong and ready.  Them Birds could get to the Super Bowl yet!

I believe.  And I don't know what would happen if the Eagles won the Super Bowl, in this most unlikely of seasons.  The euphoria in this town will be unsurpassed.  Two parades in six months!!!!!

My blood is green.  Again.  [also, red]