The cement in the shoes we are asking Mr. President-Elect Barack Obama to fill continues to thicken.  In the past few weeks, a popular memetic consideration being bantered about has been the fact that this job Mr. Obama is taking on is quite difficult, and will no doubt prove taxing and thankless.  "I'm glad I don't have to take that job right now" you may have heard from someone recently.  

This is a fair assessment, to say the least.  Mr. Obama's duties are truly unsurpassed in the history of America.  More than three wars (Iraq, Afghanistan, terror, plus Philipines, Korea, South America, drugs, et al), a collapsing financial system, a withering infrastructure, a pessimistic citizenry, and his mother-in-law in the White House!  

Adding to the turmoil that will surround his inauguration, fireworks are going off throughout the world (not the good kind). 
In Israel, Israeli bombs killed more than three hundred people over the weekend, shattering any hopes of strengthening what was already a sham of a ceasefire.  

Recent attacks in Mumbai shocked the Indian subcontinent.  

In the Congo an ebola epidemic is rising, and nobody wants to see that go the wrong way!

Point is, the man does have a tough job, so get out there and say it, however best you see fit!

And lets all hope that despite the difficulty, our man pulls it together and makes a run at some peace and prosperity.  

Homosexuals and rational people everywhere were miffed at Mr. Obama's choice of Pastor Rick Warren, he of the queer=pedophile ilk, for inclusion at his inauguration.  But let us hope that this is a sign of Barack's ability to lead and bring disparate groups together.  The disparities he will be addressing as President (Hamas/Israel, Sunni/Shiite, USA/Al Qaieda, disease/health, violence/peace, North/South Korea, North/South Dakota, et al) will pale in comparison to our internal squabbles, as important as those squabbles may be.  So maybe we need a guy who can look Rick Warren in the eye and not flinch, even if Rick Warren is an asshole.  And maybe he needs to be able to look Vladimir Putin, Tzipi Livni, Gordon Brown and Mahmoud Abmadinejad in the eye as well, and work from that point for better or worse.

All I'm saying is, I wouldn't want to be stepping into that job right now, for sure.