Best Ninja President Ever?

George Bush is awesome.  He's so fast!  Watch as he ducks a pair of shoes thrown at him by an Iraqi reporter.  
I'll tell you, that young man is LUCKY he didn't get shot over this shit.  I mean, he's like 10 feet from the POTUS, and he starts hurling shoes at him!  Considering the Richard Reid history, the Secret Service would have no idea what was coming at him, be it a bomb, a grenade, or simply a size 11 loafer.  
Props to the President for keeping his cool (watch as he waves off his SS coverage, realizing the situation has ended) and to the Secret Service, for not going off and shooting this guy.
That being said, the fact that the guy got as far as he did (the first shoe is essentially unstoppable, but he then ducks down, grabs his other shoe, and throws that too) is a bad signal from the President's protection team.  They really should have been on that enough to have at least been standing in front of the President by the time the second shoe is thrown.  
What's up, guys?  I understand that the man you are protecting is "retiring" a few weeks from now, but that doesn't mean that you can sleep on the job, especially considering the extreme level of work that will be needed to protect our incoming POTUS.  
Can you imagine if these shoes had been laced with some sort of explosive, and we were all mourning the loss of George W. Bush's life this evening?  Can you imagine the extent of the havoc that a President Cheney would be able to put forth during his four weeks in office?  Oh man.....
But again, the President deserves credit for being so quick on his feet, and also for keeping his cool.  I don't necessarily (at all) think that he should have been the leader of the "free world" for the past eight years, but that George Bush is a pretty cool guy.  I'd like to share a beer with him some day.... pick his brain.....