I tend to try not to "toot my own horn" when it comes to my prescience, in part b/c I couldn't help but come across as blithe, arrogant, and obnoxious, and in part because when I am wrong, I am WRONG.

You may remember my "expose" on gas prices, where I essentially predicted we would see an unprecedented drop in prices in the weeks before the election. The continued decline in prices beyond the election indicates that the drop had less to do with the election and more to do with the financial crisis and declines in demand. It can also be seen as a SCARY indicator of things to come, as drastic fluctuations in prices, or fluctflation, and other financial boogeymen threaten to undermine the foundations of the entire global economy.  

Or, you might remember me harping (though perhaps not in print), months ago, that in this modern age we cannot afford to allow such a wide gap between elections & inaugurations.  At the time, I argued that whether the winner was Obama or McCain, they would face difficulty in the long transition.  Things just move to quickly.  Now, we see Mr. Tom Friedman calling for just that very thing in his column today.  

Remember back in the summer when everyone dismissed McCain's chances completely?  I was all like "it's gonna be closer than you think" and sure enough it was (the electoral landslide belies this fact, though in reality the impressive popular vote # was by no means a landslide.....see: North Carolina, in which Obama receives less than 14,000 votes more than McCain and walks away with all 15 electoral votes.... this is just the way of the system, but it's nice when it works in your favor...or, see: the 22 states that stayed red, some voting for McCain by more than 60%.)

One thing that I have been vocal about through the summer and beyond is the situation at Lincoln Financial Field.  Back last year, when rumors were swirling that Donovan McNabb might be traded, I loudly assured all of you (again, perhaps not in print) that wherever Donovan did play, be it Chicago or Philadelphia or elsewhere, he would have a CAREER Year. He'd be fully recovered from that pesky injury from two years ago, well prepared and ready to roll.  

In no such way has this been the case.  McNabb's subpar season performance was capped off today with a benching and a HARD loss.  They are terrible.  

I have to be honest, I didn't even watch the game.  I just can't right now.  They're on their own.  I've been with the team for years, cheering Dr. Cunningham and even screaming at the top of my lungs and throwing pillows @ the TV screen on Madison Dr. during the Doug Peterson year.  And I am still with them, at heart.  I just need some time.  

So when I heard they had lost, and that Donovan had been benched, I expected to see the score at the half @ 24-0 or something, with Donovan having shit the bed six or eight times.  Sure, he has done so that many times, at least, in the past two games.  But with the score @ 10-7 at the half, I don't see how you bench him, despite his three turnovers.  Unfair, I say, Mr. Reid!  

Donovan's year may be in the stinker, but Professor Reid is putting the ice on his own career, having shown himself to be a poor, poor leader.  His calls have always been 25/50/25, with 25% being brilliant, 50% being perhaps effective but not necessarily inspired, and 25% just TERRIBLE.  His clock management has been consistently, for ten years, god-awful.  I've always been a fan and supporter of him, despite these things, but he is pushing it.  Is it possible that both Donovan & Andy will be gone @ year's end?  I don't really think so, but Andy is not helping his case, and Donovan isn't either.  

But in my view, one of the benefits of having Donovan McNabb at QB is that, despite how terribly he may play, there is always like a 50/50 chance that he will pull it out in the end, with a big 4th Quarter comeback.   Sadly, this has not been the case this season.  

They are tough to watch, to say the least.  Where do you go from here????