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How to Show Emotion While Performing in a Rock Band
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In a rock band? Boring? Well, Steven Tyler of Aerosmith showed lots of emotion. That was how Aerosmith were successful. Here are some tips one how to show emotion on stage.


  1. Don't be afraid! If you feel angry, show your anger. If you feel happy (Not recommended for rock gods) then show that you are happy.
  2. Anger. Stomping round the stage, letting out devil screams is all you need to tempt the audience. Recommended for Metal and Punk bands.
  3. Happy. Skipping round the stage, showing a cheeky grin. (Recommended for Mika).
  4. Sad. Be a plonker and don't go on stage.
  5. Watch videos of Steven Tyler watch his emotion.
  6. Show no fear. Fear is not an emotion conducive to a good rock performance.


  • Dancing on stage may cause further injury if you have any back or leg injuries.
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