You KNOW that you are MAD psyched for the forthcoming (8/25) release of the new book by one Mr. Frank Portman, aka Dr. Frank, of Mr. T Experience & King Dork fame. This new book, titled Andromeda Klein, "follows the life of teenaged occultist Andromeda Klein," as described by Entertainment Weekly. If you JUST CAN'T WAIT until next week to get yo' paws on the book, try the newer pressing of Dr. Portman's first book: King Dork. A delightful read, if you haven't already delved, complete with a preview chapter of the upcoming release! Pick it up and get your hands dirty!

Having read said preview of Klein, I can say that it is THICK, in only the best of ways. Where King Dork flowed perfectly and quirkily, Klein steps into the realm of magikal mixticism, in that it seems like it will be the type of book best read and re-read sentence by sentence, to fully delve into the depth desired.

This is fully meant as a compliment, as the thickness no doubt pays off through a high quality story and a spectacular read.

Most pressingly, at the current moment, is an opportunity that you are MISSING, simply by reading this now, on this site. Why are you doing this, when you could be visiting EW.com
and listening to the title track "Andromeda Klein" from the promotional 7" released in conjunction with the literary work. Leave now, and enjoy!