This has to be the image of the day. Utterly fascinating. The argument can be made that this is rewarding bad behavior... just look at Lil Il's grinnin' face. But whatever it takes to get those two reporters home, is OK by me (to a degree).... Good for Bill Clinton. And perhaps this will pave the way for constructive talks and, gasp, even an opening up of the ole NK. That is SUPER optimistic, and generally unfounded. I tend to lean towards support of the 5 party talks as the best opportunity to put the squeeze on these guys, but again, the ultimate goal is effective diplomacy and breaking that shit wide open, in terms of economic and cultural development, and mostly just providing those folk with appropriate nutrition and the like. What better way to initiate this process than by offering the handsome face of Bill Clinton. You can't keep him though, Lil Il.... he's ours! Though, I'm sure Mr. Clinton wouldn't mind s couple of months conscripted as an actor in Lil Il's performance army. Dance, white boy, DANCE!!!!