In terms of new shows which are great, it is difficult to top PARTY DOWN, the excellent new show brought to us from the people @ Starz.  Do what you need to do to watch this show.  The first season recently ended, so if you have the Starz network as part of your television programming, catch it on demand.  If no, then steal it from the internets, perhaps. You can see much of the familiar cast below, and the show is created/produced/edited by the likes of Paul Rudd, Fred Savage, et al.   Every episode is pretty enjoyable, and the season storyline arc is stellar, with a sharp, superlative final episode.

This final clip here doesn't look familiar to me, which leads me to believe that "season 1" is not all that has been recorded, and we may see more to come from these folk sooner than later.  
We can hope, because this show is truly aces.