In terms of new shows which are great, it is difficult to top PARTY DOWN, the excellent new show brought to us from the people @ Starz.  Do what you need to do to watch this show.  The first season recently ended, so if you have the Starz network as part of your television programming, catch it on demand.  If no, then steal it from the internets, perhaps. You can see much of the familiar cast below, and the show is created/produced/edited by the likes of Paul Rudd, Fred Savage, et al.   Every episode is pretty enjoyable, and the season storyline arc is stellar, with a sharp, superlative final episode.

This final clip here doesn't look familiar to me, which leads me to believe that "season 1" is not all that has been recorded, and we may see more to come from these folk sooner than later.  
We can hope, because this show is truly aces.  
Danny is promising us a dissertation involving the new Green Day record, soon, so I will stay out of the review business, for now.  I have about 43 reviews in my head, none of which I've actually written down, anyway, so this is no big loss.  Below, however, enjoy the great song 21st Century Breakdown from a performance in Germany, as poached from Danthology.  

and how great is this??  Green Day on Good Morning America last week, apparently.  



The couple was kicked off quickly, the unlucky victims of their own success. They narrowly outwitted favorites "the Huffmans" in the blindfolded dress your husband competition, earning with their win 'immunity' or $10,000 in cash. They wisely took the $10,000 in cash, but suffered for their choice when it came time for the elimination vote. This despite the fact that the Newbery's shit the bed in competition, and didn't particularly ingratiate themselves to the audience, or, seemingly, to the other couples.

Nonetheless, the Smith's were chosen to prematurely be sent home, and in the end, this is good, as it ensures the continuation of the vaunted Huffmans in the competition.


June 1st premieres with Will Ferrell & PEARL JAM.... So I'm happy.


Great first dates:

limo ride
fishing under a bridge
'please touch' museum
fire safety demo
public hanging
cemetery picnic
cancer survivor support group
sporting event
oil change
timeshare seminar
daycare center
intimate massage
dance class
swine flu party
pig farm
mini golf
tour crystal meth lab
sweat shop
coffee house / book store
fire house / post office
emergency room
ice cream parlor
Drudge Report
jazz club
Immunization clinic
dumpster diving
fine dining
landscaping project
liberty bell


Tommy Murray Live @ Pastabilities
Tommy joins us again @ Pastabilities TONIGHT (5/15) for a stellar set, as always.  
Join us too!


The President is even funnier than Brendan!



James favorited this, and for good reason!  
All things being equal, this probably is better than the stellar version offered by the headies....