just like you already knew
are awesome, 
and you can listen to two tracks (Atomic Brain, Prince of Space) 
off their new record (Invasion USA)

  1. Sam Hellerman, eat your heart out.   
    Band names twittered from bored bartending @ Mojo a couple of weeks ago.  Edited out some of the ones that were more stupid, sort of:

  2. induit intuit
  3. alternate endings
  4. google nightmares
  5. trypto fans
  6. the nifty spiffies
  7. the pussed tents
  8. gorganzilla
  9. hopped up on hopscotch
  10. the fashion vistas
  11. jerks with guitars
  12. will u dj my party?
  13. horsepain
  14. go fingers
  15. yesterday snooze
  16. the impolitics
  17. oh greatness!
  18. the smacked asses
  19. delish
  20. dudfuckers
  21. don't spaghetty
  22. mr. wilson the menace
  23. basic math
  24. the five strung basses
  25. hag magnetic
  26. poorly magnificent
  27. the suburban outfitters
  28. the cheesesteaks!
  29. minimum carnage
  30. mocktagon
  31. freddy celcius
  32. m-theory millionaires
  33. goofball hiccup
  34. the my my hows
  35. kelpfisher
  36. yentil's last stand
  37. despicable pickle
  38. toxic spock
  39. 'no more book titles as band names' the band
  40. everyone was very nice today i shouldn't be such a hater (maybe?)


Bea Arthur, genius: rest in peace.

in Red Lion, PA 
It's a Superman's World / Do the Gremlin
Thanks, to James, as always