Meet the Press, however, devolves into a memetic tri-atribe (Browkaw, Gregory, Burnett) attempting to convince us all that "the great reset" is upon us, and we should all lower our expectations as citizens of America and the world significantly.  

While I don't necessarily disagree with them, I do, essentially.  I mean, Erin Burnett states it best when she says "we all thought we'd have three cars... and now we might only have two, or one, even..." 

I know everyone is suffering at least a little bit, but we're all still OK, right?  Right?  

I foresee good things in our future still.  We can revitalize the entire country and world through rising innovation and cooperation.  As we continue tenuously, we also grow closer to the brinks of positive breakthroughs.  So buck up, folks!  Buy that new Britney Spears record!

Check them brain scans, and get to exercisin