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Live, Intimate, Acoustic Music from

Aaron Nathans

& lovable idiot Billy Frolic (aka Billy Dougherty, aka me) doing a set of cover songs as
this is your world.  this is your world on drugs.
from NASA


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whatever the prize is, this guy wins it


every once in a while, on the inexplicable advice of TIME magazine, I troll through the ole 4chan.  I am old, and this site is way past my speed.  My advice to you is to not visit the site, as you, like me, will feel compelled to take a shower after viewing.  Instead, enjoy the best and most tasteful of the humor here.  


Grammy Report

Despite some of the great memories I have of Grammies past, such as MC Hammer's escape from the stage and magical reappearance in the back of the building from the early nineties, I never expect to see a very good show year in and year out. 

However, I must say that with the recent introduction into my life of the DVR contraption, the Grammies proved quite enjoyable indeed.  That is, they were far better than I expected, in that a.) every time I viewed a performance that I expected to be the last good one of the night, I was then later pleasantly surprised with another good one, later, and b.) the ability to fast forward through the MOUNDS of utter drivel made it tolerable.  I cannot imagine sitting through all of that with out the ability to hit skip-skip-skip through such things as Kenny Chesney, Katie Perry, Carrie Underwood, Kid Rock, Alison Krauss w/ Robert Plant, and the like.  I didn't get in on the start of the start of the show, so I missed U2 and god knows what else, and that is OK with me.  

What I did watch I generally enjoyed.  This includes especially the Four Tops "reunion" with the one surviving Top, the RADIOHEAD jam sesh, the four man rap tag team performance from Jay-Z, Kayne West, Lil Wayne, and T.I.  They, along with the very pregnant MIA, laid it down. 
Sir McCartney and David Grohl did a great classic Beatles number... certainly an evening highlight.  Also enjoyable was the Stevie Wonder closing act.  Those Jonas Brothers were out there jumpin around with Mr. Wonder earlier in the evening, and they did themselves proud, I suppose?

I wasn't a big fan of the Taylor Swift/Miley Cyrus duet, though I watched it in its entirety anyway.  
Mr. Neil Diamond, who has been named the Grammy "performer of 2009" chatted his way through his Sweet Caroline performance, belting out only the choruses, with the help of his tri-lady choir.  As I've said before, the tri-lady choir is exactly what the HEADIES need to catapult our way onto that Grammy stage.  

Coldplay won three awards, and Chris Martin's child like excitement would have been cute if it weren't so dorky.  Lil Wayne won some awards, and brought his whole family up to share in the festivities.  

Robert Plant proved himself, not surprisingly, to be a bit of a prick, having to come up with five different ways to have to say "we did this on a lark" and one way to bore us all to death via his mumbling, grumbling music.  

All in all, a great night!?


"If this son of a bitch doesn't put a jacket on, I'm gonna give him a medal of freedom."


Marilyn, are you going to come to 
tonight (& every Friday) @ 10pm for 
this week from 
Kevin Williams?



You can find me bartending and occasionally kicking out the jams
(and breaking strings on Devin & Butch's guitar...sorry guys)
from 8pm-1am. Come on out!

Stellar game.  100 yard interception return, insane fourth quarter, superior play from both quarterbacks, larry fitzgerald 60+ yard TD reception, toe tappin game winner.   Shaddamn!


A study released [in April, 2008] reported that between 1998 and 2007, the police arrested 374,900 people whose most serious crime was the lowest-level misdemeanor marijuana offense.

...Nearly everyone involved in this wave of marijuana arrests is male: 90 percent were men, although national studies show that men and women use pot in roughly equal rates. And 83 percent of those charged in these cases were black or Latino, according to the study. Blacks accounted for 52 percent of the arrests, twice their share of the city's population. Whites, who are about 35 percent of the population, were only 15 percent of those charged -- even though federal surveys show that whites are more likely than blacks or Latinos to use pot.

Among the pretty large population of white people who have used pot and not been arrested for it is Mayor Michael R. Bloomberg. Asked during the 2001 campaign by New York magazine if he had ever smoked it, Mr. Bloomberg replied: "You bet I did. And I enjoyed it." After he was elected and his remarks were used in advertisements by marijuana legalization advocates, Mr.Bloomberg said his administration would vigorously enforce the laws.

FOURTEEN time Gold Medalist Michael Phelps: Hear him ROOR.
Whadya think???
and now they're back, with pictures posted on the internets for me to poach!  Thanks Karl!