Kudos to TIME writer Bryan Walsh, whose obnoxious take on the World Series matchup did prove prescient, as he wrote

"If history is any indicator, neither team will win: the Rays and the Phillies will be swept from the field in a freak hurricane..."

and "blah blah blah blah blah" (as John McCain would say about concerns towards nuclear safety)

ps, Dr. McCain: while using nuclear power may in fact be relatively safe (I agree with this generally, especially as I drive into Wilmington daily with the Salem plant looming in the distance) the unsolved concern continues to be nuclear waste fuel storage, but blah blah blah anyway, right?


My Phillies Game 5 Part 2 Strategy:

7th: Brett Myers
8th: Ryan Madson
9th: Lights Out

Sure, this knocks Moyer into a Friday start in Game 6 if necessary, but we need to put as many eggs as we can into the basket of winning this thing in Philadelphia.  

Finally, finally Brett Myers' foray into Closership will be of value.  Charlie should sit him down and say "listen, you're our starter tonight, but you only get one inning to do your thing.  Go at it like a starter AND a closer.  Put the ball in proven set up man Mr. Madson in inning 8, and do as we do from there.  

Sorry, JC Romero & crew.  We just need to approach this, from a pitching standpoint, as a START.  

I put Matt Stairs in to bat for Hamels at the start of the bottom of the 6th. I'm tempted to lean towards Dr. Bruntlet as he serves as a bit of a better "lead off" man, but in this stadium, what better way to resume the game than with a Matt Stairs homer?  Then again, perhaps you do use Bruntlet and save Stairs for later.  
Either way, the important thing to me is to get Brett Myers out there.  

And it goes without saying that Pat Burrell should remain in the game throughout.



This excellent recounting of Game 3 was so good I was compelled to write to the writer, Tyler Kepner, and compliment him on his work.

He was kind enough to write back with a short, gracious "thank you" which is a rarity to say the least. I'm sure Kempner's recounting of last night's Game 4 action, as well as his latest piece on Maje McDonnell (the only person to have Phil's Champ RINGS from 1950, 1980, 1983, 1993, & 2008), are excellent as well.

I'm at work so I can't read them, and in fact should not even be posting this, though I have been hard at work all day and needed a break, so what are you gonna say???????


Join me TONIGHT @


to watch the PHILLIES

grasp hold of the World Series for the first time in 28 years!

Then, after the evening ends, join me for a CHAOTIC CHEESESTEAK in the heart of the celebration, @ Jim's or Pat's, depending on my mood (and the time).....


I am Joe the Lumber


No, you are NOT Joe the Plummer

Gosh those commercials annoy me.  

When these people in the McCain commercials say "I am Joe the Plummer", does that mean that, like the real Joe plummer, they are unlicensed in their craft and make, on an average, $48,000/yr doing said craft in the State in which they reside.  

Mr. Schorr is 92.


And, now, this:

with eight days before the election, a re-updating of the charts I referenced previously changes my diagnosis from "relatively inconclusive" to


[from James]





If You Ain't Been Here, this is What You've Missed

The Headies, the Jambox, & bd on varied occasions.....

Campfire, bd, Patrick Derns, & Rappin', even

Butch Zito & Terri; 
Sarah Flynn; Patrick Derns

Stucco Lobster Breadbox 
& Todd Chapelle 
(playing again together 11/14!)

Alex Valejo & Dan McCool
 (all pics by Karen Kuder)


Intimate Actions!



From your GOODEST friends:




Each of these groups has put together a SPECIAL Set for your listening pleasure, so please come out in support.

Sorry for the late notice. I've been blacked out of the internet for a couple of days, as I've been embroiled in a house move.....always fun.

Come out!


Part 7

Hey, Mag...check this one out:

You really get a nice feel of the extent of the boo from the crowd shot!


No, maam, he's not an Arab

I recently wrote about McCain's efforts to calm his crowds. Nice, sure. Too little, too late, having been the cause of their original ire: you betcha.

New theory: The folks he corrected @ the rallies ("No he is not an Arab...he is a family man, etc)...those folks were PLANTED!!! I bet a million bucks on it...Listen to the way they ask their questions. It's like they are scripted, just poor at memorizing and presenting scripts...

Will be watchin' them Phightins this evening from my perch behind the bar @ Wilmington's own


Open Mic will be in effect, as will $2 PBR's and other such exciting things.

Come join us, won't you???

Mine baby Mine

Palin-ban no longer in effect.

This one send a chill up the spine!


Friday October 31 @ the UBP: THE HEADIES as the NEW YORK DOLLS and other maginificent wonders!

brendan's dad's company


It's so nice of Mr. McCain to make efforts to calm down his crowds.  What could possibly be getting them so riled up?

To McCain's credit, you know he understands just how dirty his team has gotten.  I saw him speaking somewhere this week, and he said "We do not know who Mr. Obama really is..." to which a member of the crowd shouted "He's a fucking terrorist!" 

You could see McCain's face contort into a mess of embarrassed disgust....

from Jason & Sandro....

part 6 in our look back at the Presidency of George W. Bush. Of course, this is well before he became President.

Plus a classic from a couple years back.

Clive @ Pastabilities

Clive Acoustic @ Pastabilities last week, 10/03/2008

these pictures taken by Karen Kuder