My Phillies Game 5 Part 2 Strategy:

7th: Brett Myers
8th: Ryan Madson
9th: Lights Out

Sure, this knocks Moyer into a Friday start in Game 6 if necessary, but we need to put as many eggs as we can into the basket of winning this thing in Philadelphia.  

Finally, finally Brett Myers' foray into Closership will be of value.  Charlie should sit him down and say "listen, you're our starter tonight, but you only get one inning to do your thing.  Go at it like a starter AND a closer.  Put the ball in proven set up man Mr. Madson in inning 8, and do as we do from there.  

Sorry, JC Romero & crew.  We just need to approach this, from a pitching standpoint, as a START.  

I put Matt Stairs in to bat for Hamels at the start of the bottom of the 6th. I'm tempted to lean towards Dr. Bruntlet as he serves as a bit of a better "lead off" man, but in this stadium, what better way to resume the game than with a Matt Stairs homer?  Then again, perhaps you do use Bruntlet and save Stairs for later.  
Either way, the important thing to me is to get Brett Myers out there.  

And it goes without saying that Pat Burrell should remain in the game throughout.