I was pretty happy with myself, having spent a part of the weekend sifting through the old library of digital videos to bring you as yet unseen videos from the past few years of M.U.P. bands. This effort was all well and good, but PALES in comparison to the efforts of the person/people behind www.westchesterrockcity.com. This is probably the best website ever, and was brought to my attention by Todd via Tom Ewing. OMG is it good. I am at work, and have not yet been able to watch these videos with sound, but my quick viewing of one video brought out faces in the crowd such as Sandro, Brendan, Pam, Dan K, Mike Cruz, Anthony, Josh Anomaly, Tommy Murray, Jim Bond, and Michael Jordan. You KNOW I will be looking to find myself in some of these videos, as I was most definitely there, back in 1996-1998.
Great, great times.