Oh My B'Gosh!
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This evening:
Alex Valejo
(In Heaven & You, AYTF) &

Sammy Williamson
(Terrifica, B'Gosh)

You do what you gotta do.


Bat in wind tunnel from Carl Zimmer on Vimeo.

Bat on flower from Carl Zimmer on Vimeo.


Meet the Press, however, devolves into a memetic tri-atribe (Browkaw, Gregory, Burnett) attempting to convince us all that "the great reset" is upon us, and we should all lower our expectations as citizens of America and the world significantly.  

While I don't necessarily disagree with them, I do, essentially.  I mean, Erin Burnett states it best when she says "we all thought we'd have three cars... and now we might only have two, or one, even..." 

I know everyone is suffering at least a little bit, but we're all still OK, right?  Right?  

I foresee good things in our future still.  We can revitalize the entire country and world through rising innovation and cooperation.  As we continue tenuously, we also grow closer to the brinks of positive breakthroughs.  So buck up, folks!  Buy that new Britney Spears record!

Check them brain scans, and get to exercisin



work in progress



Live blogging the Victory Records Showcase 

@ Mojo 13 this afternoon.

(in reverse order, duh!)


everyone was very nice today i shouldn't be such a hater (maybe?)

shows over get the eff out

been drinkin red bull all day in the metal spirit WIRED

what's worse than synchronized head bobbing....unsynchronized head bobbing

this singers got an 'all access' tag wrapped around his neck like he's fuckin bon jovi at the spectrum

i wonder if john the sound guy dislikes this as much as me...

purposeful synchronized head bobbing! (not cool, fellas)

again with the vocals (bbbrrrrrooooooaaaaaahhhhhhhoooowowoow)

tempted to steal last bands cd but that is wrong and would i really ever listen to it anyway?

32 slices sold, eaten by me (4), or given away (2)

i think scott from american idol might be in this last metal band of the evening...oh wait he can see

pizza sales a moderate success!

every musician is a businessmin (apparently) except for me (obviously)

wouldn't be so bad if it weren't for every band doing the same god damned thing

again, kind of a great, amazing band with broaring ass throaty, screamy vox...

and these guys have boxes upon boxes of merch to unload as well as giant cloth signs with their maidenesque band logo

in typical lame fashion, the crowd is about half as large for the later playing touring bands than for the earlier local bands...

all these singers think they're fuckin hitler (without the racism, hopefully) (just the arm motions and self seriousness)


wretched (band's name)

touring band time..will try not be judgemental...but the two giant expenive looking cloth banners serving as a backdrop do not bode well ...

touring band time

chatting with the tink (yes!)

hoping no one attending this show or playing it ever reads any of this (and thinking maybe i should keep my priggish thoughts to myself ...

also wondering if the vertically challenged little guy fronting the last band could be classified as a midget

wondering what these kids would think of the headies...

two more bands, after this, the 4th (or perhaps even 5th) band?? oh dear.

christian death metal... that's a thing?

eat more pizza kids!!!

then again, there could just as easily be 5 punk bands taking the stage today that i would hate as much or more....

is metal more welcoming of nerds than punk rock? (apparently, yes)

is this the theme from shaft?? (no, it is not)

still hating

my opinion for every nice band of gentlemen that has played so far has just SKYROCKED now that the ASSHOLE touring bands have arrived...

in reality all these bands kind of rock, but to a 't' the vox are terrible

how many different ways can u say this band sucks?

i think these kids are down with the metalcore cause they think its more aggressive and subversive than the punk rock...but i just don't ...

dillinger escape plan makes these bands look like little girls (not to mention the headies)

shorty still hawkin them shirts

is twilight a band?

pizza endeavor..one slice from breaking even!

four more hours...somebody plz come and medicate me.

i never before so directly drew the line between being a 'posuer' and 'posing'...these guys are hardly even playing...just making faces ...

sigh. (ba-da-da-da.)

laziest. metal. band. evah

this next band is likely called 'pomposity'

feeling like i'm @ a project unity show....ugh

who here is selling weed??? (anyone????)

in the mood for el tap tacos, but this pizza ain't gonna eat itself

chunka chunka chunka!

after telling me that one time, in 2007, he came here and bloodied up a dude's face in the mosh pit (i believe him)

just had a 10 year old tell me he is losing money on the Flyers loss

i liked the von kull set, truly i did...again though, with me on vox they'd be a POWERHOUSE

do u guys think maybe i could do an acoustic set between bands, fellas?


are u down with the tink, baby?...well u better get down

THE TINK!!!!!!!!!!!!

the show has now officially begun...with the arrival of....

at least your septums not pierced

so....black eye makeup....


would u like a piece of pizza?

are u on facebook?

do u have a mailing list? not the band, you...

does this band have a myspace page?

do they make u sit in the corner @ every show?

so how many shirts have u sold?

to their one shirt merch table..

if i was unmarried and 10 yrs younger i would have like million funny things to say to this poor girl one of the bands has relegated

novelty is in the eye of the beholders

if yer gonna do it...do it FASTER

music is a business??????

crowd is mixin it up! i love it...

kinda like having a retarded twin brother u don't love

its crazy how foreign this scene is to me, and yet how similar it is to my own

these hardcore kids really like the flyers

3.) von kull (and i mean this as a compliment) (though technically, they haven't started playing yet...very nice gentlemen though)

2.) von hayes

1.) von count

von kull- 3rd best 'von' band in DE

double bass drum!!!

buy some pizza, bitches (before i eat it all)

paging the paris bros (circa 1997)...somebody needs to get this crowd MOVIN

where is count von count when u need them?

wishing i'd gotten someon pregnant @ 13 so i could have a 15 yr old to bring to events like this

second dan stansky look alike in as many days (what is this world coming to?)

not to push the point, but i'm not really sure u can call that 'vocals', buddy

needs longer hair

gauntlet is FREE all day, motherfuckers

world class hater (i am)

i think the first bands bass player is having an epileptic fit

this exercise is fascinating

these bands should all replace their throaty, screamy singers with ME, and then we'd be on to something

brendan...this event is @ the mojo 13 bar in claymont, de...apologies, but direct response via mobile device confounds me

exists (alone) in the new paradigm

good turnout...all ages shows kind of rule...except for the mediocre music and the fact i'm working and thus can't leave

ordered some pizzas to feed these cheap no tipping kids @ a profit

these fancypants kids are all singing along to songs i ain't never heard

live blogging the victory rex showcse @ mojo 13 that i'm working


I just turned on CNBC to see if I can catch Cramer reacting to last night, and Chris Matthews is on their pontificating. Erin Brown says "thanks Chris, next up... jim Cramer" and Matthews, in classic pre-Bobby jindal speech style, says, as they fade to black and he thinks his mic has been cut "Oh, God, Cramer...." This guy never stops!


Ever-a-body  DO THE GREMLIN


What's up, ladies?
join us, THE HEADIES, tonight, 
Wednesday March 4, 2009 
LIVE @ Mojo 13 for the 

Wednesday Night Hullabaloo w/FLAGSHIP REUNION 
and $1.50 Domestic Drafts


OMG Mr. Dr. Ryan Howard looks GOOD as good as I ever seen him in March all thin and jacked and ready to roll holy shit baseball watch out.