there it is. Brendan endorsed.

Not suprisingly, I have also chosen to endorse. 

I, William Dougherty, proudly, once again,  endorse

Well, sort of.  They get SUPER high marks for the recent FREE release of an 8mm video taken from the 2004 Vote for Change tour.  This video is available for viewing HERE.

They play a lot of rockers like Save You (from the Riot Act album) and Grievance (from Binaural) as well as a rocking version of The Avenger's American in Me and an OK version of the Ramones I Believe in Miracles (I guess it's a good version, it's just that I want them to play it FASTER.... though I checked and the original version is about the same tempo...I just want it @ the speed of the version that Mr. Vedder did with the Supersuckers on that SUPER-MEDIOCRE Rob Zombie headed Ramone's tribute: We're a Happy Family.  That song, their version of Daytime Dilemma, and the Green Day take on Outsider were the only things to salvage that train wreck.  Chili Peppers do a fine version of Havana Affair, though it pales in comparison to the already available Screeching Weasel version.  The same might be said for Rancid's Sheena is a Punk Rocker, in that it pales in comparison to the Ninja Attak version...the absolute best part of that record is the abysmal performances from the likes of Metallica, U2, ).

Neil Young joins them for an odd choice, All Along the Watchtower....  this is especially odd for me  considering I thought they were playing Throw Your Hatred Down from the Mirrorball record, which might even be that record's best song.  I would have rather the former.  It's fine though.  We are treated to solo battle between McCready and Young, which mercifully lasts just long enough.  Also, we see a version of the Billy Frolic classic Patriot, done much better, of course, by Pearl Jam.  

I don't understand why they open the film with that macabre Masters of War cover, though I get it in the context of the tour, etc.  But it just gets the whole thing off to a slow start, if you ask me.  I would have ended with that, perhaps.  But we do not yet know how it ends, as PART 4 (it's being released in parts) will be released later TODAY, ELECTION DAY 2008.  So call out of work, snuggle up with a warm fire and a blanket, and enjoy the finale.  I will enjoy it, so long as they don't end with Rockin' in the Free World

Casual observers, who have managed to read this far, will probably find the preview below to be sufficient viewing.  Those inclined, as myself, to watch the entire video, can take advantage of this link, as highlighted previously.  

I almost forgot... don't forget to get some milk while you are out VOTING!!!!  (We're out of milk.)

keep on rocking in the free world

[update]: BOOM!